The Value of Glaucoma Screenings in the Workplace

Glaucoma is a significant cause of blindness in the United States, and the leading cause of blindness in African Americans. Nationwide, over 2 million people have glaucoma, and nearly half are not even aware of it. While most people believe that only those 70 and older are likely at risk of developing glaucoma, the prevalence of the disease has doubled in those 40-49 in recent years. Additionally, people are staying in the workforce longer than ever making what many consider an age related eye problem, much more common among employees. For this reason more employers are choosing to have glaucoma screenings included in occupational health assessments.

Early Detection is Key in Preserving Sight and Maintaining Workplace Safety

The symptoms of early glaucoma are so slight and the onset so gradual; in most cases, the disease often goes unnoticed by the sufferer until permanent vision loss has occurred. Prior to that time, an employee may be working with impaired vision, endangering their safety or that of other employees. It is estimated that 5-10 million people have an elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) which is an early indicator of the possible development of glaucoma, making regular vision screenings very important in occupational health and safety.

Regular Screenings Result in Cost Savings

Not only is regular screening important in preventing vision loss, studies show that having a regular screenings results in a significant cost savings, as the cost of treating glaucoma in creases with the severity and progression of the disease.

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