Are You Going Through Menopause?

Some of the first signs of menopause can be irregular periods, hot flashes and feeling more forgetful. If you are having the first signs of menopause and feeling apprehensive, it’s a good time to discuss it with your women’s health specialist. You may even want to ask some questions that will help you decide whether this is the provider you want to see during the menopausal years and beyond. It’s good time to explore a doctor that is comfortable addressing the symptoms and concerns that sometimes arise during this period of your life.

When Choosing The Right Doctor, Ask Some Questions:

  • Do you treat a lot of women my age?
  • What should I think about as I get near menopause?
  • What do you recommend for women my age who have a lot of trouble with menopause symptoms?
  • What are your opinions about hormone therapy?
  • Are there alternative therapies that can help me if I don’t want prescription drugs?

A medical provider who is familiar and comfortable with menopausal issues will be able to answer your questions and provide you the support you may need to manage this stage of your life. Your medical provider should be:

  • Familiar with menopausal issues
  • Have recent knowledge, including the latest information on the risks of hormone therapy
  • Feel comfortable as they talk about this area of health
  • Willingness to hear your concerns
  • Flexibility about making recommendations, including alternative therapies

Most women want a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable, and who can give guidance and support while providing multiple options. At PrimeMedical, our Women’s Health specialist can help you make the right health decisions with your best interest in mind.

PrimeMedical continues to accept new patients, most insurances and Medicare. Call our office today to schedule your comprehensive Women’s Health Exam at 310.548.0201!

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