Occupational Medicine in San Pedro

There is no getting around it; nothing substitutes for living a healthy lifestyle. Studies prove repeatedly that a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention is much preferable to disease management or treatment. For example, approximately 24 million people have diabetes and 57 million more are at risk of developing it. This increased risk is because more and more people are overweight or obese and thus have impaired blood sugar control. A significant amount of these cases of diabetes could be controlled or prevented with weight control and dietary changes.

Lifestyle Choices Affect the Workplace

Many people do not realize just how significant lifestyle choices are and how they affect the totality of their life, even while on the job. Occupational health management can help create a safer, healthier work environment for those things that many workers may overlook. Here are just a few ways that poor lifestyle choices can affect workers:

  • Unmanaged stress in the workplace can cause conflict between employees
  • Stress increases the risk of many diseases
  • Poor sleeping habits can result in sleepiness on the job and may lead to injuries
  • Smoking causes cancer and other breathing related diseases
  • Poor dietary habits lead to weight gain, health problems and missed work
  • Lack of regular exercise may lead to on the job injuries
  • Substance abuse leads to many workplace safety issues

Healthy Lifestyle Management Empowers

Providing occupational health management services gives employees the right tools in identifying risk factors and managing common health issues. These changes not only lead to a healthier life for the employee, but an overall healthier, more productive workplace.

Reduced Claims

A company’s claim risk for the average employer, 20% of the employee population, drives 90% of the company’s claims. This assessment tool focuses on four major risk factors: stress, diet, exercise and smoking. A comprehensive plan for lifestyle management lowers then umber of insurance claims and helps stabilize insurance rates.

PrimeMedical is an Internal Medicine practice providing comprehensive occupational medicine located in San Pedro, CA. We specialize in working with employers in the San Pedro and surrounding areas to provide lifestyle management care. If you are an employer wanting to know more or an employee and have questions, please call Prime-Medical at 310-548-0201.

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