Pain Management

The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians describes pain management as a medical discipline dedicated to the diagnosis of pain related conditions and their treatment.

Pain, a medical problem which affects us all at some time, is a complex state which profoundly affects your physical or emotional status. The goal of healthcare professionals is to help control and decrease the level of pain you suffer from and to restore you to your independence and optimum functioning level at the same quality of life you were accustomed to.

Perception of pain and tolerance to it varies from one individual to the next which makes pain difficult to define and quantify, and which makes pain management a considerable medical challenge. Pain is a state governed by the way your brain reads and deciphers information about a specific sensation being experienced by your body.

Painful sensations are transmitted through nerve pathways to your brain. The way your brain perceives these signals is known as pain. This perception can be influenced by extraneous factors many of which are controllable through special techniques.

Pain is generally of two types – acute which is intense but of short duration typically post-injury or surgery; and chronic, which is an ongoing condition like recurring back or neck pains.

Pain management centers adopt a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis of pain and its treatment or management. This approach is achieved though a team comprising healthcare professionals from disparate medical disciplines including psychologists, rehabilitation experts and social workers.

A comprehensive pain management plan is established after a diagnosis based on an exhaustive physical evaluation where your medical data will be thoroughly analyzed. The various pain management therapies will be coordinated by an interventional pain management specialist.

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