Pollen and Food Allergies

Did you know that having a pollen allergy puts you at risk for having a food allergy? Many people with hay fever notice that when they eat fresh fruits or vegetables, their mouths itch, burn and sting. They also may experience a sense of tongue fullness or swelling, throat itching, and rarely systemic symptoms including urticaria, angioedema and even anaphylaxis. This is called oral allergy syndrome (OAS), or fruit-pollen syndrome, and symptoms may worsen during peak pollen season. OAS is called by fragile proteins found in certain pollens and fresh fruits and vegetables, called profilins, which are broken down quickly by saliva or by cooking or food processing. Therefore, OAS symptoms may happen with eating fresh apples, but not applesauce. Symptoms may occur with fresh tomatoes, but not tomato sauce. While the treatment of OAS is typically avoidance of the culprit fresh fruit or vegetable, some studies suggest that allergy shots to the cross-reactive pollen may help reduce the allergy to the food.
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