Why Regular Check-Ups Are Important

Scheduling medical appointments when you’re feeling fine may seem like a waste of your time. But the old saying “prevention is better than cure” is very true. Regular medical check-ups will pick up any potential problems, allowing you to take steps in either preventing them or beginning early treatment. Many large corporations insist that their executives have a full medical examination every year. If your company does not do this, take the initiative yourself.

Tests for Men

Prostate Examination

These are tests to check for signs of prostate cancer. There are two common tests: the PSA blood test – measures a protein (PSA) made by prostate cells. The higher the PSA level, the more likely the chance of prostate cancer; digital rectal exam (DRE) – the health care provider inserts a gloved, lubricated finger into the man’s rectum to feel for any irregular or abnormally firm area that might be cancer. While it is uncomfortable, the examination isn’t painful and takes only a short time.

Testicular Examination

These are tests to check for abnormal swellings which may be a sign of testicular cancer. Cancer of the testicles is rare and occurs mostly in men under the age of 40.


Tests for Women

Breast Cancer Screening

A test to detect possible tumors is done by mammography: a mammogram is an X-ray of the breasts which shows lumps and growths. Radiologists recommend a mammogram every two years from the age of 50 years. A lot will depend on your circumstances, for example whether you have a family history of breast cancer.

Pap Smear

A test to detect early signs of cancer of the cervix involves taking a minute scraping of tissue from the surface of the cervix with a spatula. The sample of cells is then analyzed microscopically at a laboratory to detect any abnormal cells which may be pre-cancerous.

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