San Pedro, CA Weight Loss

We all make New Year’s resolutions and we all break them. That’s because fad diets don’t work. They only way to lose weight permanently and to keep it off is to find a nutritional program that is right for you.

As we age, losing weight and keeping excess weight off becomes even harder. Generally, we become less active or interested in activity and our hormone levels can get out of whack adding to excessive weight gain. Changes in our body are inevitable and in order to get to the root of why we gain weight isn’t found in a bottle or through invasive procedures like liposuction. True weight loss happens when your caloric intake is calculated to maintain or help you reach your goal weight.

Most people have a difficult time determining their caloric needs. One of the most common ways is to multiply your goal weight by 13. The result is your daily caloric intake. However, this does take into your individual metabolic rate. This is why many diets won’t work for everyone individual metabolism and overall body type plays a huge role in the success of many diets. The best way for an individualized, successful diet is to start with a primary care physician that provides metabolic testing. Metabolic testing is used to determine your resting metabolic rate, in other words, how many calories you burn while resting. The metabolic rate is important because people many people will use the standard calculation for their daily caloric intake but maybe in fact, not burning the standard daily calories thus resulting in less than the desired results. Most patients that achieve less than desired results can easily be discouraged from completing their dieting program.

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