San Pedro Physician Provides Advanced Testing For Dizziness (Vertigo)

Vertigo or dizzinessis usually an indication of something wrong in the structure of the inner ear (Vestibular System) and is not an actual disease. When balance is disturbed, patients with vertigo generally have a sensation of spinning or whirling, feeling dizzy, lightheaded, faint, or even unsteady on their feet. Treatment for vertigo depends on isolating and eliminating the underlying cause. For example, if a particular medication is responsible, than lowering the dosage or discontinuing the drug may remove the problem.

Most patient with symptoms of Vertigo require a thorough examination taking the patients age into account, assessing of a patient’s motor skills, physical strength, memory, and a patient’s overall health. Today’s primary care physicians can test for Vertigo in the ease of their own office, making the treatment and diagnosis of vertigo easy and convenient for patients. If you or a loved one maybe suffering from Vertigo or experiencing dizziness, call PrimeMedical today at 310-548-0201.

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