Senior Depression: A Disease Arising from the Inside

Old age for every person out there means the same things – retirement, medicines, and the inability to perform what we could in the days of our youth. With this sudden helplessness which imprisons us, comes sadness and in some cases misery too. Such sadness and inability to perform even the most basic work or functions sometimes, injects a sense of sadness and total helplessness in us, further leading to senior depression.

Depression in seniors and the elderly can be caused due to a lot of different reasons. Some common causes or reasons are:

o   Chronic illness and aches

o   Difficulty in moving about, or immobility

o   Changes within the family

o   Loss of a spouse

o   Side effects of medication

o   An outcome of brain related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease

o   Difficulty in accepting the lifestyle of a retirement facility

Of the above points stated, immobility and retiring to an old-age facility are by far the most common issues. Being admitted to a retirement facility can induce a sense that your closest family doesn’t want you anymore, and can lead to senior depression, which is not true.

Senior depressionoften goes untreated, as it is very difficult to recognize it. Some common symptoms include:

o   Loss of appetite

o   Abnormal thoughts about death or expressing guilt

o   Easily irritated mood, leading to agitation

o   Feelings of worthlessness

o   Trouble in sleeping

o   Little interest in daily activities

Treatments for senior depression include:

o   Being in a group, volunteer work, and outings

o   Treating any medical conditions giving rise to depression

o   Talking about your problems to a psychiatrist or therapist can help

o   Antidepressant therapy has been quite a success

o   Social support is the best treatment

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