Symptoms of High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure (HBP) is a serious, and sometimes life threatening condition which very frequently leads to many other health problems. Though 1 in 3 adults suffer from high blood pressure, many are completely unaware that they do, or that their health is at risk. This is because high blood pressure usually has no symptoms.

The Silent Killer

Blood pressure is the force with which the blood pushes against the walls of the arteries as the blood pumps blood throughout the body. HBP is a sustained rise in this force and can cause many serious health issues. These health issues include:

  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Heart failure

Employee Health is a Safety Concern

An employee’s general health many not seem a huge concern until a serious health crisis occurs in the workplace. A health crisis is never planned, but you can plan to take steps to prevent them.

Regular Screenings Help Detect HBP

Since sufferers generally do not feel any symptoms until HPB causes other problems, assume they are fine; screenings are an important part of detection. With screenings, high blood pressure can be detected and treated successfully.

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