San Pedro, CA Geriatric Doctors

A study of the demographics of the American population presents an interesting insight. With rapid advances in healthcare systems, the life span of the populace has increased dramatically in the last few decades, so much so that there are now more people in the 65-85 years age bracket than ever before. And people who are 85 years or more now constitute the fastest growing group of the populace. So, it more likely than not that either you or a loved one belong to these categories and hence it is imperative that you keep handy the contact details of a reputable geriatric doctor in your locality.

It may not be known to many that geriatrics is a sub-specialty field of internal and family medicine. Hence a geriatric doctor is a medical practitioner who is specialized in the healthcare concerns of the elderly people, namely by promoting health and wellbeing by diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases and conditions of disability. In this context, it must be made clear that the field of operation of a geriatric doctor differs considerably from that of gerontology, which is a study of the aging process in human beings.

A geriatric doctor specializes in the treatment and management of certain diseases afflicting the elderly like bone and joint problems, heart diseases and strokes, and brain disorders.

Bone and joint disorders like arthritis and osteoporosis are not only painful conditions, but may also impair the mobility of an aged person and weaken him, thereby making him susceptible to falls and injuries. If afflicted by these, it is imperative that you or a loved one place yourself under the care of a specialized geriatric doctor who can manage the disease.

Regular visits to a geriatric doctor is also required to ensure that the signs and symptoms of cancer and brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease are promptly detected and treatment started at the earnest to give you or a loved one greater chance of making a complete recovery.

Apart from the afore-mentioned diseases, a geriatric doctor at our facility also treats common medical conditions of the elderly like incontinence and depression. We, at PrimeMedical have a retinue of in-house screening tests like those for balance, hearing, vision, stress, diabetes, and heart disease to facilitate quick diagnosis and spare you the trouble of running from one clinic to another. So call us at 310-548-0201 to schedule an appointment.