Common Causes of Women’s Health Injuries

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Because of their musculature and physiology, women are reputed to be more affected by health injuries than men. For this reason the healthcare industry reports a higher rate of health injuries among women employees than men. Here are some common health injuries and their causes.

Back Strain

Back strain is arguably one of the most common of women’s health injuries especially among healthcare workers. Back strain is caused by excessive use of the muscles of the back when transferring patients and carrying weighty loads.

Slipped Discs

Slipped discs are another of the frequently seen health injuries which women healthcare professionals suffer from. The cause of slipped discs is incorrect body mechanics while lifting patients. Health injuries from slipped discs are also caused by falls. The best form of prevention is by the use of mechanical devices to assist when moving heavy loads.

Needle Stick Injuries

High on the list of women’s health injuries are Needle Stick Injuries among healthcare workers. These health injuries are caused when used needles are not properly disposed of or when they are improperly used and left uncapped when not in use. The health conditions which can result are medication interactions, infections, poisoning, negative physical responses and a host of other potentially serious conditions. To avoid such health injuries healthcare professionals need to be properly trained in needle safety and be aware of the risks when handling or working with needles.


This is another health hazard which healthcare professionals are constantly at risk for. The causes of infections are numerous and include pathogens that are airborne and originate from bodily waste. Infections can never be totally avoided but steps could be taken to prevent them by wearing gloves and a face mask and washing hands frequently.

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