Complex Ovarian Cyst Treatment Methodologies

Ovarian cyst is not a rare disease and hardly one to bother about if you seek treatment at the earliest. In fact, some forms of the condition don’t even need treatment; the symptoms disappear within 8-12 weeks. But complex ovarian cyst cases require medical intervention and before delving into the various complex ovarian cyst treatment methodologies, it is worth noting the different types of this condition.

There are three types of complex ovarian cysts—a dermoid ovarian cyst, a cystadenoma, and endometriomas. These cysts may range in size from just few to several inches in diameter. Complex ovarian cyst treatment is prescribed when cysts do not go away on their own, typically within 8-12 weeks of the first symptoms appearing. There are a few other instances when complex ovarian cyst treatment is needed—in case of simple cysts that are more than 1-15 centimeters in diameter and for women who are menopausal or are nearing menopause.

The choice of a complex ovarian cyst treatment method depends on a host of factors like the age of the patient, the severity of her symptoms, and if she plans to conceive later on. The size and the location of the cyst are also important considerations.

Complex ovarian cyst treatment typically consists of surgical methods like exploratory laparotomy and pelvic laparoscopy. But before these procedures are carried out, physicians usually conduct a battery of tests to rule out ectopic pregnancy (that is, pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus) and ovarian cancer. The exploratory laparotomy procedure is carried out to make finer diagnoses while laparoscopy is prescribed to remove the cyst or the ovary itself.

Complex ovarian cyst treatment methodologies for endometriomas involve first draining fluid from the cyst to shrink it and then using a laser surgical method to remove it. Sometimes drugs are also prescribed after the draining process to reduce the size of the cyst further.

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