Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Medicare

With health, medication, and hospitalization costs skyrocketing by the day, it is only natural that the general public will be deeply interested to know all about Medicare. The common man is interested to know these bits of information about this health insurance program: what is it, what services does it cover, and who is eligible for it? Here’s an attempt to answer these frequently asked questions.

Medicare is a federal government-run health insurance program for people aged 65 years and older, those less than 65 years of age but with certain disabilities, and individuals with permanent kidney damage. From this definition of the program, stems the natural question, “Who is eligible for Medicare?” The following groups of people are eligible to take advantage of this program:

• People who are 65 years of age or older

• Those people younger than 65, but have been receiving Social Security Disability Insurance for more than two years

• Those who are younger than 65, and have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease that requires continual dialysis or a kidney transplant and Lou Gehrig’s disease

The entire program constitutes several parts— A, B, and D— that offer different kinds of benefits. Some of the most frequently asked questions about this program are related to the specific benefits of each part.

Medicare Part A or the Hospital Insurance Program covers the costs of health care in these medical facilities—hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, hospices, rehabilitation centers, and mental health and psychiatric care units. Additionally, it covers some home-based health care services.

Medicare Part B is also known as the Medical Insurance Program and covers healthcare services that are absolutely essential to diagnose and treat a medical condition and healthcare services to prevent illnesses, like flu shots or those that can detect a disease at its early stages, like colon cancer screening tests.

Medicare Part D is a prescription drug coverage plan.

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