How Safe is Your Home During an Earthquake?

During an earthquake, stay away from heavy furniture, appliances. Large panes of glass, shelves holding heavy objects and masonry veneer (such as the fireplace). These items tend to fall or break and can injure you. Usually, a hallway is one of the safest places if it is not crowded with objects. Kitchens and garages tend to be the most dangerous. Also know the safest place in each room. It will be difficult to move from one place to another during a severe earthquake.

Shut Off Valves During an Earthuake

Know the location of the shut-off valves for water, gas, and electricity, and how to operate the valves. If you are not sure, contact your utility company.

Caring For the Elderly & Disabled During An Earthquake

These people may have difficulty moving around after an earthquake. Plan to have someone help them to evacuate if necessary. Also, they may need special foods or medication. Be sure to store several days’ supply of these special provisions.

Your Pets & Earthquakes

After an earthquake, you should be concerned with your own safety before taking care of your pets. Storing extra food and water for pets is always a good idea. Keep pets in a secure place at home after an earthquake.

For more information about earthquake safety, contact your local fire department.

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