San Pedro Doctor’s Discuss Fall Prevention

Falls among older adults cause over 90% of broken hips. Less than 50% of those who break their hip will get around as they did before their fracture, and 20% will die within one year. Serious falls very often result in loss of independence and quality of life for older seniors. Falls are often preventable with education, home risk prevention, medical assessment, and balance and mobility activities.


  • Securing or removing throw rugs
  • Using and installing handrails
  • Increasing lighting in the home
  • Having hearing and vision checked
  • Asking your doctor make sure your medications are not causing you to be at risk for falling
  • Engaging in strength and balance exercise that your doctor says in appropriate for you

Help From Your Doctor

At PrimeMedical, our geriatric specialists can screen and test you for the following conditions and see if you may have any disease, illness or impairments that may cause a balance disorder or make you predisposed to falling:

  • Vital signs
  • Mental status testing
  • Cardiac screenings
  • Musculoskeletal exam
  • Neurological exam
  • Proprioception
  • Vision testing
  • Hearing screening
  • Gait and balance testing

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