Treating Lower Back Pain Without Surgery

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects millions of Americans and can be quite debilitating. Common causes of lower back pain are fractures, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, vertebra defects, spinal stenosis, and back strain, causing injury to the muscles, joints, ligaments, bones, or discs within the spinal structure. Some low back pain can even cause neuropathy of the feet, otherwise known as numbness of the feet.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

At PrimeMedical of San Pedro, CA, we take a thorough approach in treating lower back pain which includes a detailed health history, a complete spinal diagnosis using advanced digital x-rays and comprehensive nerve conduction velocity (NCV) testing.

Once we have pinpointed the source of the your lower back pain, nonsurgical lower back pain relief is achieved through a number of techniques depending on which works the best for your cause of lower back pain.

H-Wave technology

The H-Wave signal stimulates the nerves and muscles in the back, thereby releasing built up fluids and decreasing inflammation.

Pain Medication Management

For patients not experiencing inflammation or that have increased levels of pain, pain medication management may be indicated.

Facet Joint Injections

For patients deemed to have a joint-related problem, ultrasound-guided facet joint injections are given to reduce pain.


If you or a loved is experiencing lower back pain and ready to treat it, call PrimeMedical in San Pedro today at 310-548-0201 for a comprehensive exam and return to a pain free lifestyle.

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