Treating Balance Disorders in Seniors

Balance disorders and falling are some of the worst ailments that seniors have to deal with. Statistics show that almost 9 percent of seniors over the age of 65 suffer from balance disorders of some kind.

The treatment of such balance disorders in seniors need to be taken very seriously because a single fall in old age can be fatal and life threatening. There are a variety of treatment options for seniors suffering from balance problems. The treatment options depend largely on the underlying causes that are resulting in balance issues like a stroke, infections, prior falls or other problems.

One of the most prolific and preferred treatment options for balance disorders in seniors is balance retraining exercise. As the name suggests, such a therapy leans toward retraining seniors to maintain their balance along with an overall focus on increasing strength, movement and honing the capability to perform a variety of mundane tasks. Balance retraining therapy includes hand-eye coordination exercises, motion exercises as well as other flexibility exercises that focus on improving balance through training and regular exercise.

Other than physical therapy, medical management is also a preferred way to control and limit balance disorders in seniors. This involves the use of antibiotics like streptomycin and topical used gentamycin. Surgery is the last resort when it comes to balance disorders and their treatment. Only patients who do not respond to physical therapy and medical management are recommended surgical options.

Healthy circulation is the key to good health and seniors can keep balance problems at bay by controlling circulation problems resulting from diabetes, cholesterol and the increase of triglycerides.

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