Best Women’s Health Services in San Pedro

womens health services san pedro

Our Women’s health services in San Pedro are focused on the prevention and treatment of medical conditions and diseases in women. Services that this San Pedro women’s health clinic provide are diagnosis and management of health issues which includes screening of conditions which women are at risk for, and prone to. This unique women’s health clinic also facilitates interventions as appropriate.

Women suffer from a number of health conditions for which this clinic offers gynecological care. It also provides counseling on common conditions women suffer from, including imparting education on preventive care. Some of these common conditions which affect women are:

Heart Disease

As is generally believed, heart disease is not exclusively a man’s preserve. It is now a major health threat to women. The Women’s Health Clinic in San Pedro counsels about preventive measures in avoiding heart disease.

Cancer Treatment

Women are prone to various types of cancers including breast, vaginal, skin and colorectal cancer. The women’s health clinic conducts mammograms and pap smears apart from other early detection screenings.


Some risk factors as age, race and genetics are beyond control. But other contributory factors like keeping blood pressure under control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are what every woman should follow.

Type 2 Diabetes

This is a condition which many women suffer from.  It is the most common form of diabetes arising out of how well a woman’s body uses its blood sugar. Improperly controlled diabetes is life-threatening and can affect many of the other organs. The best way to prevent type 2 diabetes is by eating a reasonable diet, exercising regularly and maintaining your proper weight. The diabetes help center at the women’s health clinic treats patients with this condition and counsels others on how to prevent it.

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