Remedies for Women’s Health Concerns

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With the advances made in diagnostic and treatment methodologies, women’s health issues are no longer fraught with the typical pains and concerns like they were a few decades back. At Prime Medical, we have been providing women’s health services of superlative quality to individuals of all ages and especially as they approach their middle and late years, to ensure that they have a greater shot at lasting good health and can enjoy a better quality of life.

Our women’s health services encompass a wide spectrum of diagnostic and treatment procedures related to common medical complaints and conditions afflicting women like hormonal imbalances, ovarian cyst and fibroid, urinary incontinence, breast and cervical cancers.

Diagnostic Services for Women’s Health Issues

We realize that early detection of many women’s diseases like breast and cervical cancer can greatly increases the chances of complete recovery. That is why, we recommend that if you are above 40 years of age and there is a history of breast cancer in your immediate family, you should regularly go in for breast cancer screening tests. Regular Pap smear tests are also extremely important simply because the symptoms of this dreaded disease manifest themselves only after it has reached an advanced stage.

We also recommend that you go in for annual health examinations to gauge the state of your health and take precautionary measures to prevent the onset of many a disease.

Treatment Services for Women’s Health Concerns

At Prime Medical, we use the most advanced treatment methods to treat a range of women’s health-related conditions that commonly afflict middle-aged and elderly women. For instance, our specialized gynecological services include treatment for menopause-related complications and management methods that ensure our patients can prevent strokes and bone disorders. We can also successfully treat conditions like uterine prolapse, STD, and ovarian cyst and fibroid.

If you have questions about women’s health in San Pedro or your health in general, feel free to speak with our doctors at Prime Medical, San Pedro’s simplest healthcare provider with your most frequently needed services all on-site. Call (310) 548-0201.

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