What is the Role of a Primary Care Physician?

Most people stop everything to secure an ENT specialist’s appointment at the onset of a sore throat. We rush to the dentist when a tooth ache turns unbearable. For some reason there seems to be a surprising lack of awareness among many people about the services of Primary Care Physicians (PCP).

A Primary Care Physician is trained for and an expert in both first contact care for persons with undiagnosed symptoms or health concerns and continuing care for patients with known ailments. A Primary Care Physician offers diagnostic and treatment services for health issues regardless of their origin—biological or behavioral. You will thus find a PCP working with his patients to promote and maintain their health to prevent diseases and providing counseling and education to increase their awareness levels so that they may be able to lead healthier lives. A PCP may however, refer his patients to other health care specialists to undergo specific diagnostic or treatment procedures.

A Primary Care Physician usually works in a number of health care settings, from his own private office to an in-patient or critical care unit of a hospital and from providing his services in a daycare center to attending patients at home. A Primary Care Physician may also work in collaboration with other heath care service providers, usually in a health care facility.

The importance of a Primary Care Physician is in the fact that he is not only the first point of contact for the patient in our healthcare system, but also continues guide and help his patients coordinate their use of the entire healthcare system to achieve optimal health & care.

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