Remedies for Women’s Health Concerns

With the advances made in diagnostic and treatment methodologies, women’s health issues are no longer fraught with the typical pains and concerns like they were a few decades back. We, at PrimeMedical, have been providing women’s health services of superlative quality to individuals of all ages and especially as they approach their middle and late […]

What is a Stress Test?

A stress test is a type of cardiac diagnostic test that helps provide information to the physician about how your heart functions when you are undergoing a strenuous physical activity. The importance of a stress test stems from the fact that some ailments and/or conditions where the heart malfunctions are easily diagnosed when the organ […]

San Pedro Auto Injury Doctor

The need for speed is now almost a compulsion and it has spilled over from the realms of games and on to the streets, with tragic consequences. Speeding and reckless driving today are the prime causes of automobile accidents and the injuries obtained are not only physically and emotionally traumatic, but they also come with […]

Choosing the Right Workers’ Comp. Doctor

Workers’ compensation laws make it mandatory that you need a detailed medical report about the nature of your injury and the length of your recuperation period to file claims. So how do you find a workers’ comp. doctor who can furnish you with such a detailed report and ensure that your chances of receiving a […]

Three Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world and sadly, more and more people around the world, irrespective of age, gender, race, and nationality, are getting affected by it each day. It’s natural that now even people who don’t have it are curious to learn about the various types of diabetes. There […]

What Employers Need to Know About Worker’s Compensation

Whether you own a business, large, medium, or small, you should ask yourself, “What employers need to know about worker’s compensation” and proceed to fetch yourself the answers. When wondering about what employers need to know about worker’s compensation, it is worth noting that because these laws are governed by the state, they differ slightly […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Medicare

With health, medication, and hospitalization costs skyrocketing by the day, it is only natural that the general public will be deeply interested to know all about Medicare. The common man is interested to know these bits of information about this health insurance program: what is it, what services does it cover, and who is eligible […]

Information Your Medicare Provider Needs

After weeks of procrastinating, now that you have finally mustered the will to visit your Medicare provider, ensure that you reach his office armed with all those bits of information that he will need to know. Regular visits to your Medicare provider is probably the only way to detect the early warning signs of grave […]

OBGYN FAQs and Answers

In stories and parables, curiosity may have killed the cat, but knowing the answers to some OBGYN FAQs can definitely help save your life. The annual visit to the doctor may be in quite some time, so why don’t you go over a few OBGYN FAQs and their answers and lay to rest your troublesome […]

What is the Work of a Primary Care Physician?

You make a beeline to secure an ENT specialist’s appointment when bogged down by a sore throat. You rush to the dentist when the tooth ache turns unbearable. But there seems to be a surprising lack of awareness amongst many people about the services of a Primary Care Physician (PCP). A Primary Care Physician is […]