Common Diseases and Treatments Specific to Women

Awareness about some common diseases and treatments specific to women is painfully lacking even in the minds of educated women. Even grimmer is the realization that there abounds plenty of misconceptions regarding these common diseases and treatments specific to women. This is all the more unfortunate considering that having even the most basic knowledge about […]

The Importance of a Primary Care Physician

Whether it is the outcome of the recent recession or the current turbulence in the economy that has led many on a cost-cutting spree or a perception that it saves time and effort to head straight to a specialist, there has been a dwindling in the number of patients visiting a primary care physician (PCP). […]

Information About the Most Common Women’s Health Issues

In spite of all the advances made in Medicine, and especially in the realm of diagnostic research, information about the most common women’s health issues seems sadly lacking. Many in America do not have a fair knowledge of the common health threats afflicting women nor are they aware that there exists diagnostic procedures that when […]

3 Tips: How to Choose Medicare Provider

Whoever said that “Health is wealth” was spot on with his observations. Keeping healthy and restoring failing health may both involve a dent on your monetary resources. In such a scenario, a medical insurance coverage is a load off your mind, and your wallet too. Individuals eligible for Medicare often are bothered by a nagging […]

Questions One Should Ask During an Annual Checkup

So it’s that time of the year again. Your spouse proved too determined for you or your nagging sibling finally managed to have his or her way and you are scheduled for an annual checkup in a few days time. No amount of grumbling, groaning and trying to explain to people that there’s nothing wrong […]

The Debate Over Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Modes of Ovarian Complex Cyst Treatments

Complex ovarian cyst seems to affect women of all ages and nationalities. Thankfully, ovarian complex cyst treatments, both non-surgical and surgical, have made advances in recent years to give the affected relief from their ailments. But often, a storm is raised over the choice of ovarian complex cyst treatments; surgical vs. non-surgical debates can only […]

Senior Depression: A Disease Arising from the Inside

Old age for every person out there means the same things – retirement, medicines, and the inability to perform what we could in the days of our youth. With this sudden helplessness which imprisons us, comes sadness and in some cases misery too. Such sadness and inability to perform even the most basic work or […]

The Health Effects of Energy Drinks on Teens

The ingestion of heavily-caffeinated energy drinks has dramatically risen in the last few years with revenues currently exceeding $3.5 billion a year and growing. Many of these beverages boast a variety of ingredients like ginkgo, ginseng, amino acids and vitamins, but they also often contain high amounts of sugar, and the primary active ingredient: caffeine. […]

Sleep Apnea and Erectile Dysfunction

Men with sleep apnea may suffer from a treatable form of erectile dysfunction caused by regular deprivation of oxygen experienced during these episodes of obstructed breathing, a new report says. Those findings come from lab tests on mice, but the researchers say that erectile dysfunction (ED) is common among men with obstructive sleep apnea, a […]

The Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) Test

A brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) test measures the quantity of the BNP hormone in your blood. BNP is made by your heart and shows how well your heart is performing. Usually, only a small amount of BNP is found in your blood, but if your heart has to work harder than usual over a long […]