Osteoporosis and Occupational Health

Most people do not realize that past a certain age, thinning of the bone is a natural occurrence and cannot be stopped completely. Osteoporosis is a very common condition that occurs when the bones become increasingly thin and fragile beyond the normal and expected rate. Any bone can be impacted, but is most common in […]

San Pedro, CA Weight Loss

We all make New Year’s resolutions and we all break them. That’s because fad diets don’t work. They only way to lose weight permanently and to keep it off is to find a nutritional program that is right for you. As we age, losing weight and keeping excess weight off becomes even harder. Generally, we […]

Occupational Medicine in San Pedro

There is no getting around it; nothing substitutes for living a healthy lifestyle. Studies prove repeatedly that a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention is much preferable to disease management or treatment. For example, approximately 24 million people have diabetes and 57 million more are at risk of developing it. This increased risk is because more […]

San Pedro Physician Provides Advanced Testing For Dizziness (Vertigo)

Vertigo or dizzinessis usually an indication of something wrong in the structure of the inner ear (Vestibular System) and is not an actual disease. When balance is disturbed, patients with vertigo generally have a sensation of spinning or whirling, feeling dizzy, lightheaded, faint, or even unsteady on their feet. Treatment for vertigo depends on isolating […]

San Pedro Medical Physician’s Treat Hyperlipidemia (Lipid Disorder)

Hyperlipidemia(lipid disorder) is the medical term for high blood cholesterol and triglycerides. This disorder occurs when you have too many fatty substances in your blood that contain cholesterol and triglycerides.  Hyperlipidemia can increase your risk for atherosclerosis, heart disease, pancreatitis, stroke and  high blood pressure.  There are also many genetic disorders passed down in families […]

Advanced Screening for Cataracts

Normally the lens of the eye should be clear, but once a cataract starts to appear, a clouding will form on the eye’s lens. In the beginning stages of cataracts, the cloudiness starts off small and usually doesn’t immediately affect vision. As the cataract gets larger, it clouds more of the lens. This makes vision […]

San Pedro Physicians on Tinnitus (Ringing of the Ears)

Tinnitus is described as a bothersome sound or ringing in the ears that affect about 20% of the population. Tinnitus isn’t actually a disorder itself, only an indication of something else going on like hearing loss, injury to the ear or a circulatory system disorder. Although tinnitus is annoying, it usually isn’t a sign of […]

San Pedro Physicians Treat Patients with Shingles

After a patient gets chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in the body and shingles occur after the virus becomes active again. Why the virus becomes active again is unclear but many patients, who are over the age of 60, have had chickenpox before the age of 1 or have a weakened immune system tend to […]

Heart Disease Prevention & Management, San Pedro

Heart disease is a general term that is used to describe a range of diseases that affect the heart, and in some cases, blood vessels. The term is frequently used to mean “cardiovascular disease”, which generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain […]

Obesity Impacts More Americans Than Ever Before

It’s not news that obesity is on the rise and poses a huge threat to the overall health and well being of a large portion of the American population.  Studies also show that once a formerly obese person attains a healthy weight, maintaining that healthy weight is difficult as well.  Weight loss success often lies […]